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As we all know that fashion fades, style is eternal, we seek the comfort of fashion, but what is fashion?? Fashion is exposing; fashion is seeking for the beauty, people are encouraged to see their bodies as novelty,as if they can play hide and seek with certain part of it. Fashion is changing ugly into beautiful. We hide the shortcomings and flaws and seek the beauty. I think fashion is like playing hide and seek. Sometimes it seems that fashion makes little or no sense. As we wander blind, searching for a ray of light, to lead us to the style and trend, or to a design which isn’t there but if we stand still, we will feel the sleepless nights, to achieve the beautiful design. Think loud for the desire of style, feel the brush of chick fibers, and sense the presence of latest fashion, playing hide and seek, waiting patiently- wanting us to find it.

Vandana Talwar 

These must have styles are all about putting a new light, party look on classic pieces. The modern looking bright outfits follow a monochrome color scheme of blue, green and brown, asymmetric patterns, beading and dye  prints liven things up, without distracting from the clean chick look.

The women’s collection is full of classic styles, in silk fabrics, reinterpreted.The blazer top and vests are with asymmetric collars, and accordion pleats, decorated with shell buttons, backs are embellished with geometric shapes beading bring styles to live.

Geometrical Construction

In this collection, we have explored geometrical construction with fabric manipulations.The fresh elegant neutrals in collections such as maroon, black with check cotton materials and classic looks to really get you in the mood for evening official parties.

The women’s collection focuses on design development and construction. Fabric manipulation, beading, angular layers, and asymmetric structural elements are what create these unique and exotic garments. The look created is gloomy, edgy and bold. The urban flavor is expressed in the materials; The collection is represented by moldings and with the use of materials and specific fabrics such as cotton, polyester and leather. The designs explore the organic and inorganic concepts with fabrics and forms.

Wavy Twist

The unique thing about this collection is that you can create so many looks with just a few pieces.The styles mainly come in the key colors of white and light gray with black to liven them up, so you can mix and match as you please. The looks created are all to give a wavy twist to light materials-lace, chiffon, jersey cotton to really get you in the mood for the hot summer days.

The women’s collection focuses on shaded prints and ethnic-inspired prints.Flattering oversized fit styles such as harem pants and tunic blouses flow loosely around your body. Our wavy twist styles are both relaxed and feminine.

Digital Printed Dresses

These designs are created digitally with a graphic design software (Photoshop and Illustrator). Alternatively, existing artwork or photographs are scanned and then digitally manipulated to make a pattern. These designs are created as a seamless pattern that is repeated (tiled) across the fabric. these unique print designs are copyrighted by us.

In the women’s collection, soft cotton silk jersey material is used sparingly to create subtle highlights. the shift dresses style both airy comfortable and feminine.

Cocktail Party Dresses

These designs are a glimpse of intricate embroidery and beadings. The fresh pastel neutrals in the collection such as blue, green peach shades combine with pink materials are great for parties.

The women’s collection emphasizes on thread embroidery and glass beads and comfortable light weight fabrics such as georgette and chiffon. With this style, women are encouraged to see their bodies as a novelty.